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The purpose of this site is to list your items for sale or trade with the features of: low price, fresh ads, valued exposure, spam protection, no final value fees,  If your item is not sold after the ten day period, you may re-view your price, change your words and renew your ad and it will go back to the top of the list again where it has highest visibility and will not be not lost among other ads. The idea is to keep your ad fresh. The average item sells in 3 to 5 days    7 days Max If priced properly 


We will avoid duplication of ads and multiple ads appearing for the same item or from the same seller. We will

remove items automatically after the ten (10) day period and as they are sold. This is a valued feature. This procedure ensures more exposure to your ad.  


Your email address will  not be given out unless you give it out so that it will not be spammed by solicitors, email collectors,. etc..


Our fees are reasonable,(When & If We Start Charging) we charge for 10 days to ensure that the ads are fresh and new for people seriously looking to buy or sell or trade.  We do not charge a percentage or final value fee of your product, or a high-priced listing fee.


You can list your items on other free sites, however, your item will be generally lost within the first 2 hours in the mix or mixed among multiple same items or fake ads designed to collect your e mail address for information or to spam you .  The idea of this site is for the item to sell within 10 days so the items are newly listed and fresh and prevent spamming.  





Items priced fairly normally  will sell within the first 5-7 days. Please think about your price when listing.  We want Everyone to buy sell or trade item with complete satisfaction of both buyer and seller. If your item doesn't sell, please double check its value in the current market and determine if your price line is in order.   We want all our guest/clients to have success and we don't want someone to be upset  over an item that is listed at 3 times the value. Over priced items will never sell and we don't want to waste your money or time.



How many times have you called which have already been sold and not removed?  Many times sellers do not delete their sold items and this creates a mass listing of items which are no longer available, which wastes your time and energy. This site will prevent this from happening. 




You may elect to post in multiple cities/states 



This is our site  & see how well it works for you. In exchange, when you are satisfied, we ask that you help us build up this site so everyone may have reasonable fees, reasonable deals which puts more money into your pocket rather then the other guys, who always are raising their fees/changing their rates. In other words, we aim to create the most user friendly buy/sell/trade ad site on the planet.






If any member falsely reports an ad as spam resulting in a members ad being removed, the member reporting a false complaint  will be responsible for the Re-listing fees to repost the removed ad and the member may be banned from this website.or may lose their account 


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Members ads are low priced

Ads always fresh or renewed within a 10 day time frame

Members e-mail addresses are validated for security

no spam policy

no illegal ads

Option to target multiple list areas

Option to target areas worldwide

Auto renew option refreshes to top of list same day 

No multiple "same item"  ads

Spammers blocked from tactics to collect members e-mail addresses 


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