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Post free ads, Online Classifieds, Classified ads, local Classifieds

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Your email address will not be given out unless you give it out, so that it will not be spammed by solicitors, email collectors or people who would Sell Your email address

 We do not charge a percentage or final value fee or a high-priced listing fee.

You can list your items on other free sites, however, you may get a lot of tire kickers wasting your time,& not showing up to even look at your item,your item might be lost within the first 2 hours from other multiple same items, which are listed or fake ads to collect your e mail address for information to spam you . The idea of this site is for the item to sell within 10 days so the items are newly listed and fresh.

How many times have you called on an item which was has already been sold… this site will prevent old outdated ads. Many times sellers do not delete their sold items and this creates a mass listing of items which are no longer available, which wastes your time and energy.


This is an introductory offer to use our site & see how well it works for you …help us build up this site so everyone may have a Great place to buy,sell & trade there items  which puts more money into your pocket rather then the big guys, who always are raising there fees & increasing there rates 


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